Posted on december 17, 2013


Hair salons, mainly men’s salons, have boldly succeeded in warding off the crisis. in England, the number of barbershops has even risen this year. This is probably due to the relative ease with which a barbershop can be established. And also, because you can’t get a haircut online. But there is more to the segment of men’s salons. A proud barbershop has been opened up smack in the center of Sao Paulo – on the Avenida 9 de Julho. Only for men, and consistently inspired upon the atmosphere and barber techniques of the 1940s and 1950s. It is a place where men of all ages can experience a bygone era of sartorial gentlemen. No frills, unlinks the standard salons. You can have your beard shaved with a razor and hot towels, or indulge in any of the other ancient techniques. This place exudes all-male coziness.
In Rotterdam, Schorum Haarsnijder & Barbier has opened up. Only for men. Appointments cannot be made. That’s a women’s thing. Just step inside, have a good time with other men, and wait your turn. The world hairdresser is off-limits at Schorum: too unmanly. Barber, that sounds better. It does more justice to the male condition. In a time in which men also do the dishes, change diapers, go shopping with their girlfriends or go drinking with them, Schorum offers a social alternative, just like Smokey’s Barbers and the barbershop on the 9 de Julho. Men among men. Enjoying a beer!