Posted on december 17, 2013


Realitree is an idea that needs to help to grow. Realitree will be a game that counters all the politics and disinformation about climate change. Together, we can help to reframe the conversation, and help our communities at the same time. realitree was one of the top ideas chosen by Al Gore and his organization: The Climate Reality Project. They’re championing the idea. Realitree’s vision is to make fifty Realitrees a reality in fifty cities around the world.
Realitree’s aim and ambition? To get people focused on the facts about the world’s climate in a fun and productive way. How? That is the fun part! Realitree will be a game that you can play in person, online, or on your phone. Each realitree will be fed two types of data. Real climate data from the community the tree is planted in. And another set of data: your game play, in the form of tweets, Facebook updates and actual, real-world activities, like choosing clean energy for your home, or recycling. Each time you make a green choose and spread the world, you help the realitree grow in you community.

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