Posted on december 16, 2013

0 is charming, and operates on a very small scale. It started with one person who moved to Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam, where he did not know many people. The newcomer’s hobby: baking cakes and creating very tasty desserts. More often than not, too much food is made, and sadly, some of it ends up in the garbage. Enter Everyone in the neighborhood who signs up can collect a piece of cake or some dessert. In the next phase, each cake collector will be asked to bring an ingredient, as compensation, for desserts that are on the menu within the next few days.
This site is not about big, important matters. It is about desserts. The underlying principle, however, concerns a momentous revolution within our society. It has become easier to get in touch with people from your neighborhood via the internet -since everyone is online now- than it’s too meet them ‘offline’ in the street.

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