Posted on december 14, 2013


A HotTug is a wood-fired hot tub in which you can enjoy a blissful bath. The HotTug is a tugboat that transports you through the water, through quaint Dutch landscapes, or the port of Rotterdam. The HotTug was designed for carefree fun on the water. There is absolutely no need to move around in a hot tub, but you can. And of course, you can land anywhere for a picnic or a swim.
‘It had to be more than a little boat, it had to be a multipurpose vessel, in which you can feel at one with your surroundings. When the HotTug is filled with water, nothing more than a narrow ledge separates you from the water you ar cruising in’ , according to designer Frank de Bruijn. He has a lot of experience with wood stoves on the ship where he lives and works.