Posted on december 10, 2013


A paradigm shift in the science of food is underway. Fifteen years ago, proper nutrition meant augmenting the types of food we ate. Buzzwords such as low-carb, low-cal, non-fat, low-glycemic, organic, and natural made their way into our food vocabulary. Yet we are becoming fatter and unhealthier. Philips Design envisions a range of products that not only identify the true contents of our food, but also determine how it affects our individual bodies. The Diagnostic Kitchen enables people to take a much more accurate and personally relevant look at what they eat. The system is comprised of a tabletop, a scanning wand, and a swallowable sensor. The wand is an interactive device that provides you with real-time data on what’s happening inside your body, such as its salt to water ratio, hydration, fats, proteins, etc. If you dock the wand, and place a food item you might eat on the tabletop, the wand will calculate how this item is going to affect your body.
The ultimate goal is to reach equilibrium. As you continue to use the system, you’ll gain an understanding of how food really affects you. While you search for balance, the wand keeps a visual record of your progress and displays it across its surface. This is a provocative and unconventional approach towards food, but one the may have a profound effect on how we eat.

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