Posted on september 16, 2013


The European Social Innovation Week is a new event for the Tilburg region. It’s from 16 till 20 September in the ‘Smederij’ at the ‘Spoorzone’. The Social Innovation Week is about the cooperation of local, social and community initiatives and parties in an international context. It is aimed at knowledge between the pillars education, government, business and culture.

The ‘Spoorzone’ is the main stage of the European Social Innovation Week. Participants include: Tilburg, City University of Tilburg, SHFT, Indicia, Midpoint Brabant, Interpolis, MVO013, Minase, Community Sense, Brabant Innovation quartermasters, Tilburg Innovation Center, Pathfinders, Social Innovation Award Academy, Rabobank, Freshheads, Interpolis, Fontys , NHTV, Incubate, Science Node Brabant, Library Midden-Brabant, Tilburg Cubiss and Social Innovation Lab.

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