Posted on oktober 2, 2012


Even though a chair’s main purpose is to provide a platform for sitting, we all use them in different ways. Designed for hiding, climbing, storing and even drying clothes, Seung-Yong Song‘s ‘Object Collection’ is a series of chairs with an added function. Made from white birch and a combination of other materials.
Seung-Yong Song’s series consists of 3 ‘Object’ chairs; A, E, and O.
Object-A is a lean chair perfect for a small space, and features a long backrest that turns into a bookshelf and makes the most of frequently unused heights.
Object-E allows you to dry your clothes while you sitting on it!
And last but not least: Object-O. the O comes with a traditional biodegradable paper lantern that is big enough to provide a bit of  recluse from the busy world.

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