Posted on februari 2, 2012


What it is
This is a life-size Mini convertibles, inflatable beach toys that are as much fun for adults as they are for kids.  This is the ultimate beach accessory, too big for the ordinary pool but perfect for the warm waters and sandy beaches where the in crowds gather to see and to be seen!

Why is it cool?
The Mini Inflatables are incredibly flexible as promotional and entertainment tools. They can be used not only at the beach over summer but in many other environments as well.
You can just grab one and play in the sand or on the water. The beach people will be able to enjoy the sun, catch the waves, look cool, pose for some pics. These are pictures they will want to broadcast and post online because the beach Minis will not appear on every beach. People will want their friends to know where they are so that they can join the fun.

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